ISEA is the Voice of Credibility for the Safety Equipment Industry

ISEA is the association for safety equipment and technologies – equipment and systems that enable people to work in hazardous environments.  For more than 85 years, ISEA has set the standard for personal protective technologies, supporting the interests of its member companies who are united in the goal of protecting the health and safety of people worldwide.

ISEA is a recognized leader in the development of ANSI-accredited safety equipment standards, in the U.S. and around the world.  It works with Congress and government agencies to consult with policymakers whose decisions affect the industry.  It is a forum for information sharing and industry action, providing market insight and advocating for the use of safety equipment to keep workers safe.

ISEA Mission

To be the catalyst that ensures safety products are better, conforming, understandable, and used.

As an ISEA member you:

  • Have a seat at the table and a voice when standards are being set.
  • Have access to world-class training and education that differentiates you from your competitors helping increase your sales and market share.
  • Have an advocate in the halls of Government and places of power that impact your business.
  • Have a platform to engage and collaborate and network with your peers in a spirit of learning, understanding and best practices.

When it comes to safety products, ISEA is where it all happens.

View the ISEA Strategic Priorities document here.

What are the advantages of an ISEA membership to your company?

Membership Levels

Manufacturer Members

Manufacturers of safety equipment, including finished goods, components and raw materials.

Associate Members

Distributors, suppliers, test labs of safety equipment, services, periodicals and educational institutions.

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