Industry Leadership—Product performance standards drive the market and are the backbone of protecting people against hazards. Be part of the leadership driving product performance standards development.

Direct Committee Involvement—Get a seat at the table in standards development. Provide technical expertise and input in the standards development process, help identify new standards to develop, become your organization’s voting representative in the standards development process.

Collaboration—Develop, design, and produce better products for the future by incorporating technological advancements in the standards development process.

Standardization News—Stay informed on U.S and international standards development.


Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP)—ISEA underwrites the QSSP training program, a course in technical and regulatory fundamentals of occupational safety and health, designed for distributor and manufacturer marketing and sales personnel. Are you ready to be a QSSP?

Preferential Discounts—ISEA member companies receive preferential discount rates and early registration access to the course.

Understand market challenges, industry niche opportunities and where the industry is headed.  ISEA’s Market Data Programs help member companies identify potential markets, emerging opportunities, and offer indicators and trends to make informed business decisions.


Trusted Regulatory Resource—Policymakers and regulators view ISEA members as a trusted resource. The association has close working relationships with regulatory bodies who contact ISEA first when they need industry information.

Through their ISEA membership, member companies have a full-time Washington office and stay on the forefront of safety equipment discussions that have an impact on their businesses. Member companies are kept up-to-date on major vertical market industry updates, including construction, manufacturing, energy and healthcare.

Member companies are proactive in regulatory activities, help review and provide expert directional input and provide testimonials to members of Congress impacting regulatory changes and policy development. ISEA and its members, work to advocate for the proper use, selection and maintenance of safety equipment to keep workers safe.


End-User Engagement—ISEA is a trusted adviser to PPE purchasers and end-user communities. Member companies participate in education and awareness campaigns and thought leadership opportunities to advocate for the proper use and selection of safety equipment. ISEA member companies are also listed on the online Buyers Guide.

Networking—ISEA members are leaders in safety equipment manufacturing, testing and application. Members learn from each other and work together to improve markets. Members network with industry leaders and influencers and gain valuable insights to their core strengths and corporate culture, and benchmark where their company fits in as a global competitor. Networking opportunities include the association’s annual meeting, product and committee meetings and the Executive Summit. Learn more about ISEA’s Product Groups and Committees.

Who Are Our Members

What members are saying:

“There are many aspects of our ISEA membership that are very positive for our organization. Yet, the opportunity to participate in the industry standards process for the products we develop, market and sell is probably the most enjoyable. Since Hand Protection products are the backbone of our product line, we are an active participant in this committee. We are also very active in the Head, Eye/Face Protective Clothing and Hi-Vis product committees.”

“Collaboration among the ISEA membership has helped to dramatically improving the quality of our high visibility apparel and safety eyewear. The ISEA makes our company better and more proactive. It has been especially helpful in opening up communication with other manufacturers as we all face product and market challenges.”

“Our company looks to the ISEA to provide market data, product group data and to better understand the market.”