Standards and Planning Policy Committee 

The Standards and Planning Policy Committee help to ensure that standards meet industry and market needs, and are relevant to markets and technologies. The committee examines new threats and technologies in the workplace, the role of ISEA and its relationship to other standards development organizations, the relevance of current standards, and gaps and opportunities for future standards.

Chair: Gustavo Lopez, MSA Safety

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Government Relations Committee

The Government Relations Committee is tasked with identifying issues of concern and the level of attention appropriate to each, and setting priorities for ISEA information and advocacy activities. ISEA maintains close and cooperative working relationships with Congressional and federal officials whose decisions impact member company products and markets. ISEA advocates for adoption of voluntary consensus standards, and serves as a forum where member companies can speak with one voice on federal matters affecting the safety equipment industry.

Chair: Joann Kline, Kimberly-Clark Professional

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Education and Training Committee

The Education and Training Committee directs proposed action plans to expand the association’s professional development program. The committee plays a vital role in developing and prioritizing new ideas to expand ISEA’s training offerings.

Chair: Kelly Kolb, Kimberly-Clark Professional

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Marketing and Communications Committee

The Marketing and Communications Committee is a standing committee that oversees the strategic communications and marketing objectives to promote ISEA’s mission and enhance the association’s platform, and to represent and project the value of the association to members, perspective members, and the safety industry as a whole. The committee creates strategies to promote ISEA and members as thought leaders united in the goal of protecting the health and safety of people worldwide.

Chair: Tom Votel, Ergodyne

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