What is the Advanced Arc Flash Safety Training?

The Advanced Arc Flash Safety Training program is an online course designed for safety sales professionals to gain a deeper understanding of the safety precautions involved in the electrical workplace. Upon completion of this course, participants will develop knowledge about arc flash, arc rating, personal protective equipment, and hazard analysis. Participants will also learn different safety standards and regulations. Individuals who have completed the QSSP course from ISEA will find the in-depth topics beneficial.

Advanced Arc Flash Safety Course Details

This course will give participants:

  1. An advanced understanding of Arc Flash and its history
  2. A process for receiving an Arc rating
  3. A deep review of Arc Flash safety standards and their application
  4. An explanation of personal protective equipment (PPE) within the electrical industry and why PPE is important
  5. A practical explanation of the PPE ratings, energy levels and arc ratings
  6. A strategy for selecting PPE by matching to the hazard
  7. An overview of proper use, care and maintenance of PPE equipment

Course Content:

  • What is Arc Flash
  • History of Arc Flash
  • Survivability and Market
  • How Do you Get an Arc Rating
  • Standards Overview
  • Conformity Assessment
  • Garments and Arc Flash Suits
  • Face Protection and Gloves
  • Fall Protection
  • Matching Hazard
  • Considering Application
  • Care, Use and Maintenance
  • Final Assessment

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