The safety and efficacy of the PPE used to combat the COVID-19 pandemic has been compromised by opportunistic market behavior. The incredible increase our member companies have seen in counterfeit, fraudulent, and non-performing equipment is of great concern to the manufacturers of, and more importantly, the users of, PPE.

– ISEA President

ISEA members have long been concerned about the risk to safety and health from personal protective products that are mislabeled, misrepresented, or are counterfeit. While it’s a challenge the industry has navigated for decades, instances of fraud have reached unprecedented levels during the COVID crises.

Take Action

ISEA urges the federal government to step up and continue the battle against the increasing amount of fake, fraudulent, and counterfeit PPE, and recommends that Congress take immediate action.

These illicit actions, along with financial scams, where payment sought for non-existent PPE, is often the work of international criminal networks.

ISEA supports the creation and funding of a White House agency that holds primary responsibility for US anti-counterfeiting efforts, including strategy, policy, and enforcement. The new White House agency should serve as a central point of contact for the private sector and other stakeholders.

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