ISEA provides its members a full-time “Washington office.”

Our DC-area location provide member companies with the advantage of being on the government’s doorstep, with direct access to Congressional offices and federal regulatory agencies.


With policies and positions established by a Government Relations Committee, association staff is in constant touch with key policymakers whose decisions affect the entire industry. ISEA is also close to other prominent national organizations with whom we share common interests.

ISEA’s goal is to advocate and impact government decisions or actions that affect safety equipment or safety equipment markets. Product-related issues get first priority, and staff members work directly with members, government, and industry groups to ensure that safety equipment interests are well represented in the nation’s capital. When other issues arise that affect the industry, ISEA is able to respond with sophisticated lobbying and information services.

ISEA members are kept informed through regular Washington Reports and via direct correspondence highlighting facts and analyses of major issues and initiatives.

Members have a direct pipeline to government officials whose decisions affect their companies and the industry, they are kept up to date on important developments affecting their companies, and they are identified with a respected and responsible professional organization.