1. How long has your company been in the health and safety industry?

Protective Industrial Products has been in the Safety industry for 33 years. Started jointly by Joe Milot Sr. in Albany, NY and Wellson Tao in Hong Kong, today we’ve grown to over 10 locations that distribute PPE around the world.  PIP’s core product line has always been gloves, however, we expanded to other PPE nearly 15 years ago. Today, we are providing full body protection for the American worker. Our PPE line includes eye, ear, face and head protection as well as Hi-Vis and FR garments.  We truly are, Bringing the Best of the World to You. ™

      2. What’s the biggest challenge you see facing the safety equipment industry?
While the American worker and employer have developed a safety mindset, there are still areas where we can be stronger. Ubiquitous adoption of conformity assessment as stipulated in the ANSI/ISEA 125-2014 ensures that only quality-tested products would be considered as proper PPE for workers. In hand protection, this would help eliminate importers that tout low-cost, high cut level gloves that do not consistently test to those claims.

Another challenge is related to product selection. While the standards do an excellent job of outlining performance standards, it does not easily translate to real-life use. In the case of gloves, it is often our experience that cut level is equated with quality. “The higher the cut score, the better the glove.” We all know that this is not the intent. Our challenge is to help customers make informed, confident decisions on their PPE.

     3. How is your company adapting to the challenge?
As a member of ISEA, we work hard to educate our distributors on the standards. While we do understand that standards are complex, our training seeks to simplify and relies heavily on hands-on and visual aids. With the recent ANSI and EN revisions on gloves, PIP was very proactive with clear documentation that made strong use of simplified infographics to impart the changes to our customers.

PIP is also leading with easy to use mobile-ready digital tools that help customers choose the optimal product for the job. Recently, we developed the Cut Risk Hazard Matrix™ that helps users choose the right cut resistant gloves by equating the task to the “edge sharpness” and “force”. At the same time, we’re likely the first to have introduced a mobile phone app that allows qualified PIP distributors to do on-site safety assessment for glove – offering up a full report that outlines risk and recommendations for safety improvement and real cost savings.

     4. Finally, what’s a memorable story of how PPE saved your customer’s life?
PIP is a leader in “General Safety Products”. These include more consumable products such as gloves, sleeves, eyewear etc. Unlike SCBA’s and Fall Arrestors, that are designed to prevent life-threatening injuries, our products help keep workers working safely every day. They prevent unnecessary hand or eye injuries that affect a workers’ ability to earn a wage and, at the same time, cost the system in productivity and medical expenses. As a family business, we’re proud of the fact that we contribute to keeping people safe and working hard for their families.

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