The COVID-19 global pandemic has brought new light to an age-old issue: counterfeit, fake, and fraudulent PPE. While safety equipment manufacturers and PPE users have fought this battle for decades, the surge demand for medical and respiratory PPE has led to unprecedented levels of counterfeit products.

ISEA has established an Anti-Counterfeiting ad hoc Subcommittee under the Government Relations Committee to address concerns, recommend legislative action, and provide expert insight to the US government.

Current efforts include:

User-Driven Info to Spotlight the Fakes

ISEA is seeking input from members on PPE counterfeiting experiences. Subcommittee members are looking for examples of instances in which company logo and/and branding have been counterfeited. These examples will then be curated and posted to the ISEA website a resource for end-users to confirm the authenticity of their equipment. To contribute to this effort with examples and photos, please contact Dan Glucksman (

International Outreach

ISEA will seek engagement with other organizations also fighting against the rise of COVID-19-related fakes, frauds, and counterfeits.  This includes the EU Commission’s office in Washington, DC, American Chambers of Commerce in notorious markets, and through other existing relationships.

Help USTR Identify ‘Notorious Markets’

On Oct. 1, the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) released an open call for submissions for its Notorious Markets for Counterfeiting and Piracy report. This is an annual report that labels specific online and physical markets that engage in or facilitate substantial counterfeiting and piracy. For reference, here is USTR’s most recent Notorious Markets report.

From the FR Notice:
“USTR invites written comments concerning examples of online and physical markets that reportedly engage in and facilitate substantial copyright piracy or trademark counterfeiting that infringe on U.S. intellectual property.”

Please see the current Notorious Market request for comments here.  ISEA would like to share member stories about countries/locations that were the source of counterfeiting or piracy. Please contact Dan Glucksman ( with feedback by November 1.