ISEA and members of its Heat Stress Solutions product group hosted an event on Capitol Hill in Washington, DC, to demonstrate the effects of heat stress on workers and showcase the solutions to help keep workers cool on the job.

Members of Congress, Congressional staff, and other stakeholders stopped by the one-hour event in the Rayburn House Office Building to chat with representatives from Ergodyne, Magid, PIP, and Occunomix about how their cooling solutions work, and why they are a necessary element of any heat stress prevention program. Event participants provided demonstrations and samples to all attendees.

Rep. Judy Chu (D-CA) speaks at ISEA’s Heat Stress Day on the Hill.

Representative Judy Chu (D-CA), who sponsored the event, took the time from a busy day of voting to say a few words to attendees about the importance of protecting employees from heat exhaustion. She thanked ISEA and its members for their support of her bill H.R. 2193, the Asuncion Valdivia Heat Illness and Fatalities Prevent Act of 2019, which would require OSHA to write a heat stress protection standard within 18 months of becoming law.

ISEA President & CEO Cam Mackey thanked Rep Chu for introducing the bill, which he said builds on legislation that made California the first state in the nation to require paid shade and water breaks for those who work outside. He also thanked Congresswoman Alma Adams (D-NC) for her leadership on this issue.

Rep. Adams, who was also in attendance, is an original co-sponsor of the bill. Mackey asked Rep. Adams to encourage the Hosue Committee on Education and Labor to approve H.R. 2193 and order it be reported to the full House of Representatives for a vote.  Last week. ISEA made the same request of the Honorable Robert C. “Bobby” Scott, chairman, and the Honorable Virginia Foxx, ranking member, in a letter to the Committee.

ISEA Heat Stress Solutions Product Group

In April, ISEA’s Board of Trustees voted to launch a new Heat Stress Solutions product group within ISEA to explore the value of developing a new performance standard for heat stress product solutions. The group is currently assisting ISEA in a product giveaway. More than 300 pieces of cooling PPE, including towels, bandanas, helmets, vests and more, are being given to end users and the public throughout the summer. For more information or to get more involved, please contact Dan Glucksman at

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