NOTE: Market Data Programs are for ISEA member companies only

ISEA market data reports are designed to meet member companies’ need for information to help them assess their market position, and make decisions that will drive business growth. Product groups design their own reporting programs, including the categories of products to be included and the frequency of reports, and participation is voluntary. Currently participating companies submit quarterly reports of sales in the U.S. and Canada, in units and dollars. A third-party contractor collects and aggregates the data, and distributes the reports only to those companies that submit data. ISEA staff never sees the individual company reports, and the quarterly aggregate reports are coded so that they are accessible only to participating companies.

The program uses confidential reporting rules carefully designed to ensure that no individual company data can be disclosed, and ISEA does not release the reports to media, investment analysts, nonmembers, non-participating member companies, or to other individuals or organizations.

All costs of the data collection and reporting are borne by the participating companies. For more information on the market data programs, contact ISEA

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List of current reporting programs:

Eye and Face Protection

  • Faceshields with frames
  • Faceshields (replacement)
  • Spectacles
  • Goggles
  • Welding helmets – electronic (auto-darkening filters)
  • Welding helmets – standard

Fall Protection

  • Systems (horizontal lifelines, stanchions, vertical climbing systems, cable grabs)
  • Anchorage connectors
  • Body wear (body belts, harnesses, combination harness/lanyard)
  • Connecting devices (lanyards, rope grabs, descent devices)
  • Confined space equipment (tripods, rescuers, hoists, davits)

Head Protection

  • Type 1 helmets
  • Type 2 helmets

Hearing Protection

  • Ear plugs (disposable and reusable)
  • Band-type hearing protectors
  • Ear muffs (non-electronic only)

High Visibility Apparel and Headwear

  • Vests (non-ANSI, class 2, class 3, public safety, inherent FR class 2 and class 3)
  • Sweatshirts (class 3, inherent FR)
  • T-shirts (class 3, class 3, inherent FR)
  • Jackets, ANSI
  • Rainwear, ANSI
  • Bottoms, ANSI class E
  • Caps/Hats, ANSI

Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

  • CBRN/NFPA (only 2002 and 2007 approved units)
  • CBRN upgrade kits (CBRN and 2007)
  • NIOSH (industrial and NFPA ’97 units)
  • Cylinders (spare SCBA cylinders only)
  • Combo devices
  • Escape devices