Product Groups – An Essential Part of ISEA Membership

  • Product groups are the essential building blocks of ISEA membership. They enable companies making and marketing the same product or products to work together on common interests and concerns.
  • Product groups supervise ISEA’s standards development activities. They host standards drafting committees, interpret standards for users and regulators, and appoint ISEA representatives to standards committees of outside organizations.
  • Product groups review and evaluate government policies and initiatives, and provide ISEA input to Congress and agencies on product issues.
  • Product groups plan and conduct market-focused programs such as data collection programs, product use and selection guides, and product promotional efforts.
  • Leadership comes from within the group, with a chairman elected every two years. Each member company of ISEA participates in the product groups for which it is eligible, and each member company, large or small, has one vote.
  •  Email ISEA to sign-up for a Product Group, or get access to the members-only product group resources page.

Standards and Technical Activities

ISEA manages the development and publication of ANSI/ISEA product performance standards, provides industry representation on standards development bodies of other organizations, and promotes the use of standards in regulation and commerce.

  • Industry Leadership—Product performance standards drive the market and are the backbone of protecting people against hazards.
  • Direct Committee Involvement—Get a seat at the table in standards development. Provide technical expertise and input in the standards development process, help identify new standards to produce and vote in standards development.
  • Collaboration—Develop, design, and produce better products for the future by incorporating technological advancements in standards development.

Advocacy and Government Affairs 

ISEA tracks legislative and regulatory issues affecting our member companies and their products and markets, maintain working contacts with public officials and policymakers, influences development of laws and regulations, and keeps member companies informed. Member companies have a full-time Washington office through ISEA membership, and stay on the forefront of safety equipment discussions that have an impact on their businesses.

  • Regulatory and Legislative Alerts and Advisories—ISEA keeps companies current on proposed policy and the effect of regulatory operations. Advisories often include language and strategies companies can use when responding to public inquiries.
    • Members receive the Washington Report, a monthly update on policy and regulatory insights.
  • Trusted Regulatory Resource—Policymakers and regulators view ISEA members as a trusted resource. The association has close working relationships with regulatory bodies who contact ISEA first when they need information on the industry. Our relationships extend, but are not limited,  to the following agencies/organizations: OSHA, NIOSH, CDC, NPPTL, EPA, FDA, NFPA, ASSE, and NSC.
  • Shape How the Industry Grows—ISEA represents the collective voice of its members on legislative and regulatory issues affecting the safety equipment industry. Member companies are proactive in regulatory activities, and members review and provide expert directional input impacting regulatory changes.

Outreach, Communications and Market Intelligence

ISEA is a voice for the industry to customers, specifiers, users, regulators and the public, promoting the importance of personal protective equipment and the value of using equipment that complies with standards. ISEA stays abreast of developments in the safety equipment industry and markets around the world, and provides members timely and relevant market information.

  • Stay Informed —Be prepared with breaking news about important regulatory development, and weekly industry news. Members receive regular bulletins and reports on standards, government policies and proposals, and markets. Information services are tuned to member companies’ needs.
    • Learn more about, and sign up for the Market Intelligence Digest (MID), a weekly email on safety equipment industry updates
    • Members receive First Monday, a monthly membership newsletter to keep members informed on association activities.
  • End-User Engagement—ISEA is a trusted adviser to PPE purchasers and end-user communities. Member companies participate in education and awareness campaigns, and thought leadership opportunities to advocate for the proper use and selection of safety equipment. ISEA member companies are prominently featured in the quarterly end-user magazine Protection Update, published with the online edition of National Safety Council’s Safety+Health magazine, and members are listed on the ISEA online Buyers Guide.
  • Strategic Planning—Understand market challenges, industry niche opportunities and where the industry is headed. ISEA’s Market Data Programs help member companies identify potential markets, emerging opportunities, and offer indicators and trends to make informed business decisions.
    • Gain access to industry insight reports
  • Networking—The industry comes together to share information and insight, and work together to improve markets. Members network with industry leaders and influencers and gain valuable insights to their core strengths and corporate culture, and benchmark where their company fits in as a global competitor.  View the ISEA Calendar here.
  • ISEA networking opportunities include the following events:
    • Executive Summit (Spring)
    • Fall Meeting – ISEA’s Annual Meeting
    • Strategic Planning Meeting (Summer)

Workforce Development and Training

  • Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP)—ISEA underwrites the QSSP training program, a course in technical and regulatory fundamentals of occupational safety and health, designed for distributor and manufacturer marketing and sales personnel.
  • Preferential Discounts—ISEA member companies receive preferential discount rates and early registration access to the course.
  • Training Program Expansion—To meet the growing demands of the popular QSSP course, ISEA is committed to expanding our training and education programs, based on the needs and requests of safety sales and marketing professionals. We are developing the following new courses:
    •  Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety (for those new to the safety industry)
    • Arc Flash
    • Advanced QSSP (Focused training for QSSP certificate holders)
  • Email ISEA’s Education and Training Department for more information.