ArcWear Founder, Hugh Hoagland, is an expert on electrical arc testing and safety andhas helped develop arc-rated rainwear and face shields and has numerous patents related to arc flash protection. Hugh has aided in the development of legislation and standards in the U.S. and globally; He serves on ASTM F18, IEC TC78 and the IEEE Electrical Safety Committee as a U.S. based expert on arc flash and electrical safety. Hugh is a highly sought-after speaker on arc flash research and has performed more than 95% of the world’s arc flash testing on PPE. His accident investigation studies and research have been published in IEEE, ASTM, and in the Handbook of Fire Resistant Textiles.  He is also the Senior Partner and Arc Flash Instructor for e-Hazard. e-Hazard provides training courses and arc flash studies and has trained and provided services for utilities, manufacturers, building and electrical contractors, military branches, and governmental agencies.

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