PPE Equity & Fit

It’s critical for all workers, including the over 8 million women who require PPE on the job, to be provided PPE that offers the appropriate protection and also fits correctly.

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Studies validating that PPE fit has a significant impact on job performance

Source: NIH


EHS leaders experiencing difficulty purchasing PPE that properly fits female workers

Source: J.J. Keller


Tradeswomen exposed to unnecessary hazards due to poor-fitting PPE

Source: CPWR

The Issue

PPE manufacturers provide safety equipment in a wide range of sizes and adjustability to fit a vast majority of the diverse workforce. In addition, most PPE is adjustable, allowing the wearer to achieve a proper fit.

However, not every jobsite stocks a sufficient variety of PPE in the right sizes. This forces workers to choose between wearing ill-fitting PPE or none at all, which is unacceptable. In fact, nearly three-quarters of tradeswomen have been exposed to unnecessary on-the-job hazards due to PPE that doesn’t fit them. Click here for an ASSP technical report on PPE for Women, which ISEA contributed to. 

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"All workers must be provided with (and trained how to properly use) PPE that provides the protection that they need and fits them comfortably, regardless of their gender identity, body shape or size, or ethnic background."
Cam mackey
Cam Mackey
President & CEO

What We're Doing

Rather than a burden, ISEA believes a fit requirement would have a financial benefit as it would be a step toward preventing injuries and fatality that might occur should loose, over-sized garments get caught in moving parts. Click here for ISEA’s comments on OSHA’s proposed rule on PPE fit in the construction sector. 

ISEA members will continue to work with end-users, channel partners, and regulatory agencies to ensure that all workers have equitable access to high-quality PPE that fits and provides them with the protection they deserve. 

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