How can I buy PPE?  

ISEA does not manufacture, distribute, sell, certify, or test personal protective equipment (PPE).

To determine which ISEA members can meet your PPE needs, visit the ISEA Buyer’s Guide, where users can choose reputable PPE manufacturers and distributors from multiple categories of safety products.

The CDC has issued infection control guidance for healthcare professionals about COVID-19. To learn more about PPE guidance, optimizing PPE supply, and PPE burn rates, visit the CDC website.

Here are factors to consider when planning to purchase respirators from countries other than the United States.

The Biden Administration is N95 respirators free for Americans. The White House said the respirators will be made available at pharmacies and community health centers that have partnered with the federal government’s COVID vaccination plan.

How do I donate PPE?

ISEA recommends the following way to ensure the proper medical PPE are delivered to areas with the greatest needs:

  • A government-vetted list of non-profit organizations supporting COVID-19 efforts can be found at
  • To donate PPE to your local healthcare community, it is recommended you reach out to administrative offices or procurement personnel at local health care or first responder facilities to access what is needed and required.

Where do I take my ideas for new PPE products?

ISEA does not offer or assist in obtaining patents or trademarks for new safety products. Please visit the US Patent and Trademark Office website for more information.

ISEA members are leaders in safety equipment manufacturers, testing and application. ISEA Member Companies can be found here.