The Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) Program – The Industry’s Premier Training Program for Safety Sales Professionals

The Qualified Safety Sales Professional training program drives occupational safety by broadening the fundamental and technical expertise of safety equipment professionals, preparing them to be trusted partners in worker protection.

Today, over 2000 sales and marketing representatives in the safety equipment industry are QSSPs. They have broadened their technical expertise in health and safety.  They have gained an understanding of the complex regulations imposed by OSHA, EPA and other agencies.  And most important, they have become more valuable to their customers and their companies. QSSP was developed specifically for safety equipment manufacturers and distributors.  It is taught by an experienced faculty of safety professionals, and ISEA member companies receive a substantial discount on tuition.

The Benefits of Being a QSSP

  • PPE specifiers look for the letters QSSP after the names of marketing and sales people, and know they are working with professionals who have prepared themselves to be safety partners in the prevention of worker injuries and illness.
  • QSSP prepares marketing and sales professionals to be valued resources to their customers, bringing knowledge, competence and credibility, and solutions to support the critical mission of helping them protect their workers.
  • Learn the basics of occupational safety and health – how to identify and evaluate hazards, management approaches to environmental safety and health, and how all the parts of a safety and health program work together.
  • Study air sampling and exposure levels, respirator fit testing and fall protection basics, electrical safety and confined spaces.
  • Understand OSHA regulations and learn about standards, compliance and enforcement, as part of a comprehensive curriculum.
  • Learn how to calculate the cost of an injury in sales equivalent dollars, showing how poor safety performance affects profits,  help PPE specifiers and safety professionals strengthen the case to management for a strong, sustained EHS program.
  • Participants who successfully complete the course and the QSSP competency exercises receive a certificate of recognition, and the right to use the QSSP designation.
  • Learn from a reputable program with longevity in the industry, instructed by established and well-respected safety professionals.

Do You Have What it Takes to Become a QSSP?

To become a Qualified Safety Sales Professional, a sales or marketing professional must complete an intensive, week-long training course.  Students learn principles and practices of occupational health and safety; fundamentals of industrial hygiene, risk management, safety engineering, health and safety regulations, and workers comp.  They are exposed to the full range of safety equipment and safety practices for the workplace.  They learn how to integrate health and safety equipment into their customers’ needs.

Why do People Buy from QSSPs?

QSSPs are set apart because they have successfully completed an intensive course on technical and regulatory fundamentals of workplace safety and health sponsored by the International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA). The course prepares safety sales professionals to become a valued resource to their customers, bringing knowledge, competence and credibility, and solutions to support the critical mission of protecting workers.

When companies buy from a QSSP, they are working with a professional who has a real understanding of the challenges employers face, and is armed with creative solutions that go beyond
simply filling a PPE order. QSSPs have helped companies identify hazards and controls, participated in safety meetings and training, and of course provided protective equipment and technologies suited to the job and environment.

Need more information on QSSP’s value? Download our brochure on “why people buy from QSSPs” here.

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