ANSI/ISEA 121-2018, American National Standard for Dropped Object Prevention Solutions

The International Safety Equipment Association (ISEA), in conjunction with industry stakeholders, has developed this standard to establish design, testing and performance criteria for active systems used to prevent dropped objects in the workplace. This standard is the first of its kind to address equipment used to tether and/or contain hand tools, components, structure and other objects from falling from at-heights applications.

This standard was prepared by members of ISEA’s Dropped Objects working group with the following companies as members at the time of the approval of the standard: 3M Company, Ergodyne,
Guardian Fall Protection, Hammerhead Industries, Ty-Flot and West Coast Corporation.

Struck-by falling objects kill hundreds of individuals each year and injure tens of thousands more. Increasing numbers of employees are finding themselves ascending to heights to complete their work often directly over or adjacent to their colleagues, by-standers and other individuals at lower levels. Protective equipment, such as hard hats, have long been available to minimize the effects of struck-by incidents only after an object has fallen. Preventative measures such as netting and toe boards are also a mitigating practice for this this risk, however there are challenges to these solutions and they do not entirely prevent incidents. Active controls utilized to prevent falling objects by tying them off or containing them while at heights are a rapidly growing practice.

Recognizing the benefit of these active prevention practices, it is the mission of this group to create guidance for this equipment. This standard refers to these active dropped object prevention controls and outlines four categories of equipment; Anchor Attachments, Tool Attachments, Tool Tethers, and Containers. The standard is limited to the identified scope as and offers further guidance in the appendices that follow. Utilization and use of the equipment outlined in this standard may differ between manufacturers offering it and employers using it.

The standard is available for purchase as a PDF document download from the ISEA Store.

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