ANSI/ISEA 201-2019 American National Standard for Insulation and Wash Durability Classification of Apparel Used in Cold Work Environments

Clothing ensembles worn in cold temperature environments must meet a number of requirements in order to minimize injuries and illnesses. It must provide the required level of insulation for the comfort and protection of the wearer in the exposure environment. The clothing must maintain the level of “as new” performance reasonably throughout the expected useful lifetime of the garment or ensemble. In addition, the garment’s other performance properties such as warmth to weight, thickness to weight, warmth to thickness, breathability, and bending modulus must be considered to optimize the ensemble for comfort and performance in the chosen activity. This second iteration of the standard revises the 2012 version of ANSI/ISEA 201. Key updates include changes to the number of classifications to be more meaningful when selecting the appropriate garments. Durability classification is now recognized as an optional assessment and updates to the laundering protocols and the number of classes have been made to reflect a more practical approach.

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