International Enviroguard, a leading protective clothing and solutions manufacturer, now offers an online tool to help distributors and end-users find the right gear to suit their needs. Suit Yourself is now live on the International Enviroguard website to help quickly and easily pinpoint the best disposable clothing option for a given environment.

The tool prompts the user to choose the agent to be protected from, such as dirt and grime, chemical splash or sparks and flames, and then displays results in categories of “good,” “better” and “best.” Solutions can be as simple as coveralls for dust and grime, or advanced chemical suits for protection from noxious chemicals.

“Finding the right protective clothing for your needs can be challenging,” said Aric Asplund, President of International Enviroguard. “We wanted to simplify the process for both our distributors and our end-users.

Suit Yourself is designed with one simple question in mind: What are you trying to be protected from? With a simple click, you’ll find the best solutions for your application.

International Enviroguard offers disposable protective clothing for industrial and manufacturing, oil and gas, healthcare, nuclear, environmental remediation, food processing, cleanrooms and more. The Mesquite, Texas-based company’s product lines include protection from dust and particles, chemical splashes, sparks and flame, infectious diseases and more. Products are sold through most industrial, scientific and healthcare supply distributors.

Suit Yourself was designed to make it easier for safety managers, safety hygienists and purchasers to find the right product that fits their operation, budget and needs.

“We want to make it easier for our distributors and end-users to find what they need and make purchases online,” Asplund said. “And it’s our intention to continue to develop new innovative tools to simplify the purchasing process in this digital age.”

For more information on Suit Yourself, visit or call 1-800-345-5972. For more information about International Enviroguard, visit