PPE Market Data Analysis

Benchmark market share & product growth trends

The ISEA Market Data Program helps PPE manufacturers assess their position in today’s safety equipment marketplace and make decisions to help drive business growth. 
ISEA product group members design their own reports, customizing the category of products reported and frequency of reporting.  

Market Data Analysis

Reporting for Product Categories

Reporting is currently available for the following product categories: 

Eye & Face Protection


Head Protection

Hearing Protection

Respiratory Protection

Self-Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA)

Respiratory Protection

Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear (CBRN)

High Visibility Apparel

“ISEA's market data is a key, value-added benefit of our Association membership. The aggregated segment and product-level information helps shape our understanding of market trends and evaluate hypotheses regarding industry direction.”
Michael Love
Gateway Safety

Privacy is Essential

  • Reporting is strictly confidential 
  • Data is aggregated by a third-party collector 
  • Final reports are ONLY released to participating members 


Reporting Portal

Access the ISEA Market Data Reporting Portal to download report templates and securely upload quarterly reports. 

The ISEA Market Data program is for ISEA members.

Not a Member? Learn about membership here.

“New to the U.S. market, receiving this report allows Delta Plus Group to gain knowledge and provides insight on trends while enhancing the importance of the market and obtaining real data, one of the elements contributing to a strong base on establishing plans and strategies.”
Isabelle Dupuis
Delta Plus Group

Frequently Asked Questions

As part of a strategic priority to provide programs to help identify potential markets, emerging opportunities, indicators and trends, ISEA launched this program to inform member companies’ business decision-making, market analysis, and strategic planning.

In 2006, the program launched with reports for HEAD and FALL protection. Today, the program currently has seven reports in total, having added HEARING, EYE&FACE, SCBA, CBRN, and HI-VIS.

The aggregate reports are published quarterly and contain data for the current year plus two years of historical data.

Yes. In 2023, the program developed and instituted a new online portal for use in transferring data. The portal resides on a private server and only authorized users have access to submit and download data.

Participant fees vary, depending on the number of companies and the number of product categories in each report group. An annual average fee of $1,000 – $2,000 can be expected. All costs are shared equally among participants. While there is not an initiation fee, first-year fees are slightly higher than subsequent years, typically, due to the time involved in launching the new group/report.

No. ISEA is not directly involved in the management of the program, nor the transfer or storage of data. ISEA employs a third-party vendor, outside of the PPE industry, as part of the commitment to the confidentiality and security of the program.

Participation in the program is voluntary and a benefit of membership in ISEA. Only participants in each individual report group have access to its quarterly aggregate report.

Group participants determine products/categories to report and the definitions of each.

  • HEAD: Hardhats type 1; hardhats type 2; safety helmets type 1; safety helmets type 2; bump caps
  • FALL: Systems; body wear; connecting devices; self-retracting lanyards; anchorage connectors; confined space equipment
  • HEARING: Earplugs; band-type hearing protectors; earmuffs (non-electric)
  • EYE & FACE: Face shields with frames; replacement face shields; goggles; spectacles; electronic welding helmets; standard welding helmets
  • SCBA: Industrial; legacy NFPA; current NFPA (1981); cylinders; combo devices; escape devices
  • CBRN: Tactical SCBA; APR; PAPR; filters; escape hoods
  • HI-VIS: Vest non-ANSI; vest public safety; vest class 2; vest class 3; vest inherent FR class 2 ; vest inherent FR class 3; sweatshirt class 3; sweatshirt inherent FR; t-shirt inherent FR; t-shirt class 2; t-shirt class 3; jacket; rainwear; bottoms class E

ISEA has policies in place to shield participant data, as much as possible, when there are changes in participation. For example, it is ideal when two or more companies join at the same time. New participants must also provide two years of historical data.

Once ISEA learns of interest in starting a new report, product group members are convened to discuss and reach consensus on which products to include and setting the parameters around each category. A minimum of four companies must be committed to initiate a new report, but a greater number of participants enhances the value of the data.