Bradley Corp. releases the results from its 10th annual Healthy Hand Washing Survey fielded in January 2019, which looks at how Americans take action to ward off germs that cause cold and flu.

The results are in from Bradley’s 2019 Healthy Hand Washing Survey. The annual survey polled 1,264 adults about their hand washing habits in public restrooms and concerns about germs, colds and the flu. Participants were from around the country, were 18 years and older, and were fairly evenly split between men and women (49 and 51 percent).

In the midst of this year’s flu season, Americans are taking preventative measures into their own hands. Three out of four say they step up their hand hygiene in response to virus outbreaks. Specifically, they wash more frequently, more thoroughly or longer. That’s good news because the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) says hand washing is the easiest and most effective defense against illness.

The survey also found that half of adults make a conscious effort to drink more fluids to reduce their likelihood of catching a cold or the flu. A good number rely on vitamin C or a zinc supplement as a preventative measure while others avoid touching their face, mouth, and nose. Unfortunately, in today’s 24/7 environment, just one out of three get more sleep to try and fend off illness.

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