ISEA membership gives you a seat at the table, delivers powerful insights and lets you engage with peers.

Have a seat at the table


Gain a Competitive Edge

The safety business is standards driven, so it's critical for safety equipment & PPE manufacturers to be involved as product performance standards are developed or changed.

Engage with Your Peers

Through our 12 Product Groups, ISEA members collaborate with fellow manufacturers on standards development, government advocacy initiatives, market data collection, and product use and selection guides.


Have a Strong Advocate

Legislation influences our market, but not everyone can afford lobbyists. Thanks to our close working relationships with policymakers and regulatory agencies like OSHA and NIOSH, you have a strong advocate on your side.

Separate Signal from Noise

ISEA delivers quick, on-point updates, always focused on the “so what” in areas like OSHA enforcement, NIOSH priorities, the latest legislation (and litigation), and trends in PFAS.

Kimberly-Clark finds ISEA an enormously valuable partner. By actively engaging in ISEA’s Product Groups, we have a voice in the development of standards to meet customers’ evolving needs. Through ISEA’s advocacy work, we have a strong partner speaking on our behalf, giving us valuable engagement opportunities, and advancing our industry’s ability to protect workers.
Kelly Kolb

Get powerful insights

Data Resources

Benchmark Your Organization

Use our Market Data Program to track changes in product category-level sales and market share, or benchmark your sustainability practices against peers.

Conduct Market Sizing

Use our Industry Impact data tool to grow your business (by conducting market sizing by product category and state) or engage with stakeholders (by gathering powerful statistics about our industry's impact on the economy and jobs).

Training & Webinars

Level Up Your Salesforce

Trusted by over 2,500 graduates, QSSP provides industry-leading training for manufacturer members (and their channel) to become safety sales experts.

Upskill Your Team

Have your entire team leverage our webinars to learn best practices in critical areas like product management, selling safety solutions on total cost, and voice of the customer.

Being up to date on market trends helps executives make better business decisions. ISEA's data and analyses are reputable, high-quality, and focused on issues that matter to Dräger. Our participation in ISEA gives us an excellent ROI.
John Wilson
Market Data Analysis

Engage with your peers


Connect with Peers

Through our Executive Summit and Annual Meeting, members connect with peers and government leaders (e.g. the heads of OSHA and NIOSH), pick up new ideas to grow their businesses, and keep abreast of critical trends in policy, standards, and the economy.

Be Part of a Community

With a best-in-class member retention rate of over 97%, members consider ISEA an indispensable partner in helping their organizations grow, and improving worker safety.

ISEA is where the safety equipment industry comes together. Through my decades of of involvement with ISEA, I've .....
Tom Votel

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