ISEA Product Groups

An Essential Part of ISEA Membership

Product groups are the essential building blocks of ISEA membership. They enable companies making and marketing the same product or products to work together on common interests and concerns

Leadership comes from within the group, with a chairman elected every two years. Each member company of ISEA participates in the product groups for which it is eligible, and each member company, large or small, has one vote.

  • Product groups supervise ISEA’s standards development activities. They host standards drafting committees, interpret standards for users and regulators, and appoint ISEA representatives to standards committees of outside organizations.
  • Product groups review and evaluate government policies and initiatives, and provide ISEA input to Congress and agencies on product issues.
  • Product groups plan and conduct market-focused programs such as data collection programs, product use and selection guides, and product promotional efforts.

View the Product Groups

Dropped Object Prevention Solutions Group

Emergency Eyewash and Shower Group

Eye and Face Protection Group

Fall Protection Group

First Aid Group

Hand Protection Group

Head Protection Group

Hearing Protection Group

High Visibility Protection Group

Instruments Group

Protective Apparel Group

Respiratory Protection Group

ISEA Product Groups

ISEA members can enter the Product Group portals below to access the latest resources, meeting calendars, and more. 

Only registered participants can access the Product Group to which they belong. 

Dropped Object Protection

Head Protection

Hand Protection

Emergency Eyewash & Shower

Fall Protection

High Visibility

First Aid


Hearing Protection

Protective Apparel

Heat Stress Solutions

Eye & Face Protection

Respiratory Protection