The ProFlex 924LTR Leather-Reinforced Hybrid Dorsal Impact-Reducing Glove is the latest entry in Ergodyne’s ProFlex line of work gloves. First created to meet the very specific and grueling demands of roof bolting, the ProFlex 924LTR provides an opportunity for workers in any number of harsh working conditions to upgrade their hand protection.

“Its back-of-hand and contact heat protection, along with superior abrasion resistance make it a rugged choice for heavy construction or any other demanding job where this level of protection and durability is non-negotiable,” said Aaron Skemp, Product Specialist with Ergodyne.

The 924LTR Leather-Reinforced Hybrid DIR Glove has become widely available only after exhaustive field-testing and review. Feedback from testers included noticeably less hand fatigue at the end of the day, increased breathability and dexterity, and more durability in the area between the thumb and forefinger – all common points of failure in other gloves.

“The partnerships between our product development team and end users are integral to our development process,” said Tom Votel, president & CEO, Ergodyne. “With that sort of collaboration, testing and feedback comes the confidence that we’re providing the best safety solutions we possibly can, and the 924LTR is a superb product demonstrating that very benefit.”

Leading features of the new glove include:

  • Full finger TPR + flexible foam knuckle padding
  • Full padded palm with genuine leather reinforcement
  • Leather-reinforced fingers and thumb saddle
  • Hi-vis breathable mesh construction
  • Neoprene cuff with molded hook and loop closure to keep out debris
  • Tested to EN 388: 2122 X

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