Listen Today To Hear Tomorrow

Your Hearing Is In Danger!

Get Serious About Your Hearing! Get Free Earplugs. (Seriously, they’re free. Your ears can thank us later)

Dangerous levels of noise blast your ears every day.

A lot of it comes at work. You’re so used to it, you might not even notice.

Loud noises hurt your hearing.

The effects sneak up on you.

Once your hearing goes, it’s not coming back.

Permanent hearing loss is irreversible and devastating.

How Loud Is Your Work?

Noise Affects Your Health

Stress, Chronic Fatigue
Hearing Loss, Tinnitus
High Blood Pressure
Digestive Disorders

How Much Is Too Much?

Ear protection is recommended for noise levels of 85 decibels or above.

For every 3 dB above 85 dB, NIOSH recommends cutting the permissible exposure time in half.



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Listen Today to Hear Tomorrow

Listen Today to Hear Tomorrow is a workplace hearing protection initiative in cooperation with partner organizations and ISEA member companies.

Important product information and use instructions from ISEA member companies providing sample earplugs. **When you receive your sample earplugs, visit the resource page to download your information: Click here.