QSSP Course Director Rick Raymer instructing safety sales professionals.

ISEA has added an additional Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP) class in 2018, to meet the growing number of safety sales professionals seeking to become QSSPs. The new class will be held on October 15-19, and will provide 40 additional enrollment slots to safety sales and marketing professionals interested in taking the popular QSSP program.

QSSP is the safety industry’s premier training program for safety sales and marketing professionals. The program integrates real-world experience, engaging training content and advanced learning technologies to help professionals increase their safety knowledge and competency, which in turn, builds trust and credibility in the customer relationship. QSSP graduates are instrumental in reducing injury and illness in the workplace.

For more information about QSSP and to register for a class visit: https://isea.wpengine.com/qssp/about-qssp/