Sharon Tolson

ISEA’s Manger of Education and Information Resources Sharon Tolson was named a Top Woman in Safety 2021 by American Occupational Safety magazine. Tolson and 25 other women in the US health and safety sector were chosen for the 2021 honor among hundreds of nominations from across the country.

Tolson manages and executes ISEA’s professional development programs, including the Qualified Safety Sales Professional (QSSP). QSSP is the industry’s premier training program for safety sales professionals, which integrates real-world experience, engaging training content and advanced learning technologies to help safety sales professionals broaden their technical expertise in health and safety.

Since Sharon joined ISEA in October 2019, she has reimagined the QSSP training program from the ground up. In the last two years, Sharon has refreshed course faculty, created customized programs for large groups, transitioned the entire program online, established on-demand and hybrid-learning, and graduated 300 QSSP students.

“Only months after she joined ISEA, Sharon, like all of us, was faced with the world’s most severe and socially debilitating global pandemic,” said ISEA Chairman Tom Votel. “However, she quickly transitioned the QSSP program from a five-day in-person training event to a 100% virtual learning experience, all while ensuring the integrity of this vital education program.”

Tom added, “The ISEA team is proud of this well-deserved honor for Sharon. Her hard work and dedication to occupational safety has benefited workers across the globe.”

Today, the QSSP training course can be completed online live via webinar, at the learner’s pace On Demand, or both with QSSP Blended option. Learn more at