Propose a New Occupational Safety Standard with ISEA

Have you identified a pressing need for a new occupational safety standard? We invite you to channel your expertise and insights to shape the safety landscape. Submit your proposal below through ISEA.

Understanding our Double-Blind Application Process:

In our commitment to promoting unbiased evaluations and fostering an environment of fairness and transparency, ISEA has adopted a double-blind application process for our standards development. This ensures that the merit of the standard’s content is prioritized over the identity of its contributors. As you prepare your application:

  • Ensure you do not include any identifiable information within the content of your proposal.
  • Emphasize the merit and specifics of your proposed standard, keeping it devoid of organizational identifiers or personal references.
  • Our review committee will assess your proposal based solely on its content, promoting fairness and transparency in our decision-making.

Post-Submission Process:

  • Your proposal will undergo a rigorous evaluation by ISEA’s standardization expert reviewers.
  • Proposals are evaluated on a rolling basis.
  • You may be contacted for further clarification or additional information.
  • If deemed suitable, your proposal could serve as the foundation for a formal standardization initiative, culminating in an ANSI-accredited safety equipment standard.
  • Please be informed that while every proposal is valued, not all will transition into formal standardization efforts.

Guidance for Proposal Submission:

Before proposing a new standard, ponder upon:

  • The specific product, service, or process you’re aiming to standardize.
  • The compelling reasons related to worker safety necessitating this standard.
  • The relevant industry sectors and specific entities that would leverage this standard.
  • The pertinent trade associations or industry bodies to be involved in its development.
  • Any existing standards or industry best practices in a similar vein.


ISEA’s Commitment:

As the Voice of Credibility for the Safety Equipment Industry for over 85 years, ISEA has consistently pioneered personal protective technologies, staunchly supporting its member companies’ shared vision of global health and safety. ISEA is a leading force behind the development of ANSI-accredited safety equipment standards and champions the industry’s cause at various policy-making junctions, both nationally and abroad. Our mission transcends market insights; we advocate for the paramount use of safety equipment, striving to shield workers across the board.