10 Bold Tips for PPE Manufacturers Looking to Accelerate Marketing in the Digital Age

Tip #1 | Don’t dwell on the past.
Identify your best future customers. If you rely on existing relationships or gut instincts to drive
sales, you could miss out on your biggest growth opportunities. Instead, use data analysis to
determine your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP) and focus your marketing and sales efforts where
they matter most.

2Tip #2 | Give buyers the autonomy they crave.
There’s been a shift away from handshake deals to digital deals. 75% of B2B buyers prefer a
rep-free sales experience. So, it’s important to give your prospects compelling ways to self-
educate and self-explore — including conversational AI assistance from platforms like Drift,
a Salesloft company. Customer Profile (ICP) and focus your marketing and sales efforts where
they matter most.

3 Tip #3 | Invest in omnichannel.
Omnichannel sales models, which combine in-person face to face, virtual face to face, and
on-demand digital interactions are key to success. Companies investing in these approaches, especially hybrid sales teams, are nearly 80% more likely to be market share winners.

4 Tip #4 | Be customer-obsessed instead of product-obsessed.
Prospects have more choices than ever. To stand out from the competition, engage them with
hyper-personalized messaging that speaks to their unique challenges. Use AI to customize
content at scale and Account Based Marketing (ABM) to send the right messages, to the right place at the right time.

5 Tip #5 | Learn from your favorite B2C buying experiences.
Think about the absolute best consumer buying experiences you’ve had recently. What are the Amazons, Apples and Netflixes of the world doing to drive sales and keep you loyal? Translate your favorite B2C experiences into your B2B digital marketing journey.

6 Tip #6 | Build trust digitally to generate opt-ins.
GDPR regulations require a target’s consent before you use their personal data to send them customized messaging. One proven way to generate opt-ins is to deploy chatbots on your site. Emerson increased their conversation rates by 3x and had over 600 meetings booked solely through people opting in through Drift. Read case study.

7 Tip #7 | Digital marketing has a halo effect at trade shows.
Building trust digitally also fuels success at trade shows like ASSP or NSC. Most
buyers do extensive online research before meeting you at your booth. Remember, there are often around 27 digital touchpoints leading up to the personal handshake that cements the deal.

8 Tip #8 | Align sales, marketing, and customer service.
Cross-functional alignment between sales, marketing and customer service is the
key to ABM efficiency. Meet early and often to agree upon audiences, value
propositions, tactics and KPIs. By working together as a team, you’ll make the
most of every opportunity and deliver velocity and growth.

9 Tip #9 | Align your technology, too.
Choose an ABM platform that aggregates buyer intent data from around the web, calculates intent scores, and links directly into your CRM for a seamless handoff with sales. This will empower your reps to focus in real-time on quality buyers who are the most likely to convert.

10 Tip #10 | Demonstrate how you’re accelerating impact.
In today’s economy, showing your C-suite that your marketing efforts are driving
pipeline or revenue is not enough. You also need to show speed to value. That’s the best way to achieve an enterprise-wide commitment to digital transformation

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