How We Develop Standards

Nationally Recognized Standards

Our standards achieve national recognition through an ANSI-approved consensus review method. 

ISEA members, leaders and staff are experienced in the process of standardization, including development of standards, management of the consensus process, publication and distribution, interpreting standards for users, and advocating their use.   

  • The association’s product groups draft standards that achieve consensus either through a formal review by a panel of all interested parties or by submission to an accredited standards committee. 

  • With either method, the standards undergo rigorous public review before they are approved as American National Standards. 


Initiate a Standards Project

SEA initiates a standards project, either a new standard or a revision of an existing standard and submits a Project Initiation Form to ANSI. 


Propose the Standards Project

ANSI publishes a notice of the proposed project, with a 30-day comment period.


Find Consensus Reviewers

  • ISEA sends an interest survey to subject matter experts, including end-users, government agencies, safety and health professionals, conformity assessment bodies and other experts. 
  • ISEA assembles a balanced list of survey respondents to serve as the consensus group. 


Draft the Standard

The standard is drafted by an ISEA product group, and then approved by the company principals of the group and the ISEA Board of Trustees.


Review the Standard

By the Consensus Review Group 
ISEA will send the draft standard to the consensus review group, requesting ballot and comments within 45 days. 
By the Public 
ISEA will publicly post the draft standard for review by any interested parties 


Address Reviewer Comments

Comments from reviewers must be addressed, and their ballot vote determines whether the standard will achieve the American National Standard designation.


Recirculate Ballot (if necessary)

ISEA must resolve any and all objections received during the review period and recirculate for a final vote.


Demonstrate Consensus and Due Process

ISEA must provide evidence of consensus and due process to ANSI.


Consensus Achieved

ISEA publishes and sells the standards it develops and is responsible for interpreting the standard when questions arise.


Start the Revision Process

ISEA collects comments and questions on standards, which are used in development of subsequent revisions. All ANSI standards must be revised, reaffirmed, or rescinded at least every five years.

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How we develop standards

Our standards achieve national recognition through an ANSI-approved consensus review method.

Why Standards Matter

Transparency and consensus are cornerstone principles in the development of voluntary industry standards. 

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