ISEA, an ANSI-accredited standard developing organization,  is seeking consensus body reviewers for two standards initiatives:

ISEA 138, Performance and Classification for Impact Resistant Hand Protection:  An industry first, the proposed standard will focus on establishing appropriate testing protocols to be used to evaluate and classify gloves that offer impact protection to the back of the hand and fingers from bruising, pinching and bone and tendon damage.  Such gloves are routinely used in the automotive, heavy equipment and construction operation, oil /gas and towing/transportation industries.

ISEA 201, Insulation and Wash Durability Classification of Apparel Used in Cold Work Environments:  This standard, first published in 2012, is used as a tool to assist garment selectors in determining appropriate apparel items for cold ambient environments based on temperature and the activity of the wearer.  The basis of this determination is the quantification and classification of the relative insulative effectiveness of the apparel items, the apparel’s appropriateness for the scenario, and optionally its durability in the use environment.  Specific criteria are included for thermal insulation (in units of clo) and thermal transport properties.  The resistance to the deterioration of these properties due to laundering are optionally assessed and classified accordingly.

Consensus panel members may fall into one of four categories:

  • Producer – A manufacturer of the product covered by the standard or components thereof
  • User – An organization that uses, specifies or purchases the product covered by the standard
  • Government – An agency or department that has a regulatory or other interest in the product
  • General Interest – An organization that has a special interest in this standard due to safety, technical or other requirements or an individual expert with knowledge in the area(s) covered by the standard, but who neither produces nor uses products covered by the standard.

Consensus balloting for ISEA 201 is expected to begin in April 2018, followed by the ISEA 138 standard later this year.  Interested parties should contact Cristine Fargo at ISEA for details.  [email protected]