Member Spotlight – International Enviroguard

  1. How long has your company been in the health and safety industry?

We have been actively involved in the industry for over 25 years. We started with the same goal we have today: to deliver Comfortable Confidence™ and safeguard what matters most. We protect people, with innovative disposable garments and products that fit any operation, budget and need.

Comfort matters. That’s why we design garments that allow for freedom of movement while protecting against pathogens, contaminants and grime. From great-fitting garments and cooler fabrics to advanced protection and wearer-driven features, we stitch comfort and productivity into every inch.

We have proven that International Enviroguard is the go-to supplier after a crisis. Our expertise in assessing protective needs combined with our ability to move quickly has kept numerous teams safe in the aftermaths of natural and manmade disasters. We have supported efforts on hurricane cleanups, infectious disease outbreaks and oil spills.

We deliver more than products. We provide solutions. International Enviroguard gives you the power to reduce costs while enhancing protection and productivity.

  1. What’s the biggest challenge you see facing the safety equipment industry?

Customers are buying differently today. Thanks to the internet, they already know about our products and oftentimes have a good understanding of the type of protection they need. To stay relevant, distributors and manufacturers must invest in capabilities to support the more knowledgeable modern consumer. Salespeople need to re-think strategies to better serve a more sophisticated end user. We all must embrace online selling, social media and digital marketing to create an optimal buying experience that addresses the real needs of today’s consumers.

  1. How is your company adapting to the challenge?

We’ve overhauled our approach to customer communication. We launched a fresh branding effort and new tagline, Comfortable Confidence™, on March 1. Additionally, our new website,, is designed to help distributors and end users easily find the products and solutions they need.

We’ve also updated our offerings. On May 1, we released new product content to distributors with the goal of enabling our customers to sell more online and allow end-users easy access to the information they need to smart purchasing decisions. You can expect even more product content and further website updates over the next several months. Our goal is to provide accessible, pertinent information that allows buyers to make educated decisions on how to protect their people, productivity and operations.

  1. Finally, what’s a memorable story of how PPE worked to protect your customer from serious injury or saved their life?

When the Ebola crisis struck in 2014, hospitals and healthcare groups found themselves in need of new and better solutions to guard against infection. We worked directly with health care teams that had been responding to that crisis to understand the challenges that went beyond what their protective apparel could do. Using their feedback, we developed ViroGuard® 2, to help protect the healthcare worker from highly contagious diseases including Ebola. Since the development of ViroGuard® 2, it been adopted in many of the nation’s leading hospitals.

We were also the primary garment provider for cleanup effort after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010. We were selected because of our ability to quickly provide several million garments in a short period of time. Our ChemSplash® 1 product became the primary garment used in the oil cleanup efforts.

In both instances, our solutions were centered on offering a more comfortable and effective solution. Our nimbleness allowed us to work quickly with end users to provide a better solution for the wearers. When workers are comfortable, they are more likely to comply with safety protocol. As a result, they stay safeguarded against harmful agents during times of crisis.

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